An Open Letter

The countdown has begun for the end of this unforgettable journey of 13 months. Day by day I am exploring more to discover something new in these remaining days. For the first time ever, I moved out from our house to do what I want. I left my job, my friends and most importantly my family which was quite skeptical in sending me. Everything was new here for me; everyone was staying here since a long time. In the beginning I thought everything will be easy to manage but then different kinds of people taught me the exact meaning of the word survive.

Even then I am geared up for this fellowship journey and had decided to complete without any failure. I never even took a glass of water on my own before, always had only fresh and hot meal before I started this journey, but since I have moved out from my house I have started doing everything what I never thought I’d do.

I miss you mom but I refuse to accept it because I want to face what makes me weak and vulnerable. Yes, you’re remembered right from waking up in the morning to making my bed in the night. But I don’t accept it, because I want to be strong. I remember your words when I encounter something new, “Learn. Constantly gain knowledge about what you don’t know. It will never go to waste.”

I have your love in the form of dry fruits which I never share with anyone here. No matter how much we fight with each other and how much I tell you to leave me alone, the truth is there is no place like home without you. And you’ll be so happy to know that I have not only learnt how to make chai now but also pasta, roti, sabji and everything else here. I really needed this experience to be truly independent.


Yes I have made friends, I am struggling with mere stipend, I am taking care of myself, and sometimes I even go out alone when I can’t resist missing you. I just want to say, thank you maa for everything!


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