10 Things Every India Fellow Will Relate To

1. You do a countdown for the next training to start. India Fellow training sessions are a perfect mix of learning and fun.

12. If are placed in Rural India you save more than you expect, if you are placed in Urban India saving is least expected.

23. Your bucket list for traveling never seems to end. It is only 12 months and you have 26 fellows to visits in 26 different parts of the country.

34. You get tired of explaining people the difference between a fellowship and an internship. A fellowship is still a lesser known concept India, especially in field offices of rural  India. People tend to often confuse you as an intern during the initial days.

5. You start moving out of your comfort zone. Your shift from working in a swanky corporate offices to teaching kids in rural India.

46. Difference between pre fellowship and post fellowship – when you join the fellowship you are confused, when you leave the fellowship you are confidently confused.

57. You receive love in the most unexpected places.

78. You shift from green tea on my porch to chai with field staff, from “Air Conditioner is not working” to “Yeah, only three hours of power cuts tonight”.

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9. After Induction training – “God, it’s a year long fellowship”, after midpoint training -“ Shit the fellowship is getting over, what’s next.

1010. You call a fellow – when you are happy, when you are sad, when you want to cry, when you want to laugh.



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