Unfiltered Musings Over Filter Coffee

As I enjoy my cup of hot filter coffee, I can hear the internal monologue going on in my mind. These are random thoughts – on things I’ve seen, heard or felt at different times. Trying to organize them here before they slip my mind.

Rajasthan Roadways

I’m really impressed by the efficient bus service of the Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation (RSRTC). Never ever have I faced any inconvenience or connectivity issues during my field visits, even to the most far-flung corners of a village. It is also the most economical way for unplanned, easy-on-the-pocket travel across the state. I’m curious to know about conveyance in other parts of the country. What do you have to say about your respective field locations in different states? Do drop a comment.

Oh Spit!

The omnipresent Indian spit! Need I say more? It’s really saddening to find threads on quora asking ‘why do Indians spit so much? Is it something cultural or mythological?’ I have seen people spit, been spat on and also stepped on spit while walking. Once while on a field visit around Ajmer, I almost counted the number of times the person sitting in front of me spat. It disgusted the hell out of me. I just couldn’t ignore. Another time, I got spat on and could almost hear rang de tu mohe gerua playing in the background!

I wish more people listened before speaking

I believe I am a patient listener. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion of their own and though I may not agree with what the other person has to say, I do have the patience to listen to him till he finishes. I usually don’t snap back at people unless it is someone really close and it is okay to cut them off. And I really wish more people did that. At least people at my workplace! After a 10 minute long dialogue with a colleague on the verge of turning into an argument, you both realize all that could’ve been avoided had he/she heard you out first.

Is decency a thing of the past?

I have worked in 7 of the 10 districts my organization works in and met different kinds of people and this one thing hit me hard time and again. I have been spoken to indecently, been made inappropriate gestures at, even within the organization. Am I expecting the wrong people to be courteous and respectful? A colleague told me this is how people in the sector are. I wonder what has basic manners and decorum got to do with sectors?

Mails are never replied to on time in my organization

And trust me, it is infuriating! I have tried everything – from requesting repeatedly, in person to sending reminder mails to marking the head of the district in copy. And when people from the head office do it, it just boils my blood for they are the ones who insist on communicating everything over mails. And at times here, even a follow-up call doesn’t help! Is this common in most organizations? Have you also faced it and been able to deal with it successfully? I would want to know how!


3 thoughts on “Unfiltered Musings Over Filter Coffee

  1. #Maharashtra #STMaha-mandal is equally good. Never ditched me. It made my field life really really timely if not very comfortable.

    I think the reverse. Met more decent people in the sector. Also cause the term decent itself is very subjective. The issue with a lot of the urbane people i met is that their decency camouflages things more grave. At the face of that i feel like not acknowledging their courteous behaviour either. In the rural / sector context, my experience has been vastly good and met most people who sometimes may be a bit crass but the intent were not as malicious.

    Yeah. Mail etiquette overall is poor i think in the spaces we work. Benchmark is the IT industry. I am not sure how it is in other spaces. But it is not about the sector. I think i consistently received poorer responses from fellows (not from sector) than organizations (sector).


  2. Well, here in Raipur, public transport is selectively good..connectivity does not extend to the part i stay in..but overall in Chhattisgarh, the districts are well connected mostly by private operators..well, in terms of transport i m pretty impressed by bangalores bus connectivity..goes everywhere..its amazing and easy to travel in..if u ignore the traffic jams 😛

    About decency, i dont feel it would be justified to blame it on the sector..there are decent and indecent people everywhere..

    In my organisation, i havent faced problems over replying to mails..generally a followup call works for me..


  3. You really write well! Keep writing.
    Currently in Hyderabad, the buses work pretty much smooth. They are also getting their metro soon so I would I would give them a 3 star out of five for that.
    Thankfully, my organisation no decency issue and mails, at least my communication department is timely.


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