Being (Perpetually) Single

Recently, I read an article of a similar title and that had me pondering about my perpetual single-hood, which is what prompted me to write this post. I wasn’t sure if it qualifies as an appropriate fellowship blog post. Nevertheless, is a reflective piece of writing.

I have been single for the last four years. Well, mostly single. And I’ve realized that I share a love-hate relationship with that status. While it is great to take your own decisions, I could certainly use some help at times, or even have someone take them for me altogether! I enjoy my own company, love making plans on my own or sometimes have no plans at all! But wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to meet after a long day at work, make impromptu travel plans or simply spend a relaxed weekend watching movies and cuddling?

Of course there are times when I can’t thank the good heavens enough for not having to deal with all the drama that comes with relationships at times. A couple of trials and errors in the past have only made me realize that I can’t handle the mushiness and clinginess. But I also know people who are in mature and stable relationships sans the drama and insecurities. Being single and independent is great, no doubt. But I don’t want to miss out on the perks of being in love any longer than I already have! I have known that feeling and yearn for it sometimes. I guess I just have to wait for now. Don’t you worry child, heaven’s got a plan for you – I tell myself!

Well, now that you’ve got a sneak-peek into the mind of a perpetually single girl – always having ambivalent feelings towards her single-hood, why all these thoughts suddenly you might wonder. Well, the whole staying away from home, having to deal with workplace issues all by myself, not having a go-to person is really difficult to deal with at times and is making me go nuts at the moment! A companion would’ve certainly made the grind easier! For now, let me drool over Richard Gere occupying all that space in my hard disc. Here I come, Pretty Woman!


3 thoughts on “Being (Perpetually) Single

  1. Nicely put! We all have our musings about our relationship status. True no path is easy and one has to deal with what one has got on one’s plate. Answers or no answers, I am all for Richard Gere and pretty woman at all times. Who knew these movies had such power to support people to live on like me n u!


  2. Being single is like being on a strict diet – you feel good about the results, but hate the process. And, much like a diet, the way to end it is simple – you give in. Both potentially have bad after-effects and the point is to make your peace with that and accept it. Unless you wish for a ‘professional’ relationship (which is what I call those ‘mature’ ones you spoke of). Trust me, that has its own downsides (one of which is the reason I prefer characterizing them as professional). That sorta thing is easy to find…but only once you’re ready to get married. Everything has trade-offs…

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  3. call ur friends..they are more reliable than partner, trust me..perk: no drama..
    coming from another perpetually single person.. 🙂


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