Wanderer’s Poem

I am the wind
Blowing through the places
I cannot be caught, cannot be encumbered
If you enclose me, I will lose my essence

I will become air
Yes, I love you too
Wherever I go, I take a part of you along with me
And I leave a part of my spirit with you

Don’t you miss me
Because I am you
And you are me
Even when we are apart
I can feel you

We will manifest together some day
This world or the next
Where the currents would take me to you and you to me
Love me cos I need your strength
I need you to be the wind under my wings

No matter wherever I go
You know that you are my roots
And I need you to be strong
For me to grow

I have to run as my spirit is restless
In search of the world or in search of me or the Higher spirit
Maybe the quest might bring me back to my origin
Maybe it might not
But know that I have you in me
And I am there in you


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