Get Up, Dress Up, And Never Give Up

Midpoint is long gone.

Formal training sessions are done in this fellowship.

Now it is time to work upon the deliverables that our organizations expects from us. And in the middle of it, there is an alarm that tickles blogs are mandatory. Even if one is going through some hard times figuring out what to write about. Besides, there are infinite things that happens in daily life and making them all sound good is not something I am capable of.

What to do?

Should I write about how blank I was when I heard about my transfer from one centre to another?

It happened just after my midpoint training. I came back to my field area and my mentor from the organization came to meet me. We both usually end up with a predictable chat about my work and personal growth, and I on the other hand, add a pinch of humour in it, which it seems like he is quite okay with it. But that day, when he came to visit me, the chat ended up with “finish up all your pending work here in Aaspur and I will see you next week in Salumbar.” For me that was surprising and quick. But what little I could do, I bid farewell to Aaspur.  

Or write about the difference between the work environments of two centres of the same organization?

I have been to Salumbar before, and was well acquainted with everyone. All what I could make out in the previous meetings with them was that they are reserved in nature. And as for Aaspur, everyone is young and dare-devil, reckless and master of their own. Wagad ke panther, is what they introduce themselves to others. And that is why I was able to connect myself and befriended them. But as now I am in Salumbar, people here live with a pinch of practicality. They are not reckless, they think twice before speaking and doing. May be that is what you become when your experience speaks louder than your mere degree.

I am not capable of producing the best in writing, some of my friends even mock at me for this. But I have embraced it gracefully, may be because I keep on rewinding the following lines written by Late. George R.R. Martin under the name of my most favoured character Tyrion Lannister in a fantasy television drama Game of Thrones, “Never forget who you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like an armour, and it can never be used to hurt you.”

I admit that I have flaws, everyone have. What’s a life without errors? But I have become an observant. I have involuntarily started to see things from a different dimension. Like, I saw a 12 year old girl working her guts out in a construction site. People sympathize towards her while passing by and label her under child labour category. All what they could do is criticize the contractor and talk petty things about her parents. And I said, with due respect people, she is the only person who can manage to earn in her family. And you want to take it away without her consent. Lame.

Or when I saw a sword-smith, working under hot sun, edging the swords in front of his customer without any precaution. He could lose his eyes due to the spark, but no one bats an eye.

Or during my visit to a local but grand fair where a team of folk musicians and dancers were performing from last 2 days. The lyrics and tune was so mesmerizing that it could put these Bollywood songs to shame. When the first act was done, I clapped like never before and within no time I saw eyes staring at me, questioning yet pointless. Guess where did I go wrong? I acknowledged the artists. In a crowd of hundreds, no on clapped or cheered or smiled. They were just sitting there staring at god knows what. I wanted to ask them that why were they sitting here? Why are they even staring at them? Why don’t they just go home and feel sad that there is no electricity in the house?

I left the place as I was not comfortable with sitting with them. The community I work with officially, made me to think something otherwise for them. I cannot do anything there, because I couldn’t. Everybody is different, everybody’s idea of acknowledging is different. Some acknowledge with a clap, some with money, some with a hug or some with just doing nothing at all. And same goes for everybody’s idea of living life as well. No matter how much you work for empowering and making them liberal and all of that but the truth is they serve a community. They will do what they must, not what they want to.

And that is where this experience counts. That is when you start feeling modest about your space in this universe and this is what makes you who you are. And there is nothing bad about it, you just start to accept everything that comes in, because there is no right or wrong, just everyone is different. But when you start accepting the art of that balance, you become Master Po Ping. 😛


2 thoughts on “Get Up, Dress Up, And Never Give Up

  1. You have no idea how much i am a believer of your blog title line :-). And i am sure of late in your own workplace you have begun to see the results of it :-). Very marked improvement in your blog writing skill as well. Proud!

    Liked by 1 person

    • haa, thank you for the improvement part. as i said ealrier, there are certain things which would never give a direct outcome. you just have to belive in youself.
      The amount of encouragement you have given me to write.. i think i should be proud of that you are proud 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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