Induction vs Midpoint

Being placed in Raipur, far away from major cities, away from co-fellows, jealous of their frequent meetups, my life in the first few months of the fellowship had concentrated on me and my organization. The initial enthusiasm of induction training had drained off. Sudden resignation of my co-fellow from the same organization had added to my social awkwardness at the midpoint training. Still I made it a point to venture out of my comfort zone and interact with other fellows. Here are my impressions of them from induction to midpoint and whatever happened in between. My dear co-fellows, hope you reflect on how you have transformed as a person in these six months while reading my blog.

Induction: Introverted soul, little interaction.
Midpoint: Ferocious, young lady who will slam you if you try to ogle at her, a fellow coke studio lover.

Induction: Highly intellectual, likes reflecting, reclining comfortably in KVK balcony.
Midpoint: A Bihari Daactar babu with a comforting aura, lazy, chilled out, working with the community whole-heartedly.

Induction: Lazy bum who likes cribbing about her ex-job.
Midpoint: Maithil traveller, can blend anywhere, knows how to maintain relations, deeper than what she appears to be.

Induction: Big-time introvert, short conversations.
Midpoint: Caring and loyal friend, enjoys her own space.

Induction: A kiddo trying to find her space in the fellowship.
Midpoint: Same kiddo who found her space in the fellowship.

Induction: A tall girl, little interaction.
Midpoint: Emotional towards her work, excellent talent of regaling anecdotes.

Induction: Fellow green blood, great singer and dancer.
Midpoint: Lost somewhere.

Induction: Loud, dramatic guy.
Midpoint: Sensitive and ambitious guy figuring out how to achieve his goals.

Induction: Logical and analytical minded, elder sisterly vibes.
Midpoint: A party animal and new addition to nightwalkers gang.

Induction: Been through traumatic times, still manages to radiate happiness.
Midpoint: Another new entry to the nightwalkers gang, not the one to mince on her words.

Induction: Found with Richa generally, likes meditation.
Midpoint: Chilled out roomie, sustained us through midnight hunger pangs, partner in late night talks, tolerates my late night entry to the room.

Induction: Very practical and reflective guy, too caught up to enjoy the present moments.
Midpoint: Still caught up mauj team member, kindred soul, likes to interact with different people, and loves his drink.

Induction: From a higher intellectual plane, doesn’t like interacting with lesser mortals, opens up on drinking.
Midpoint: A selfless person you can rely on, loves Ladakh, needs a gentle tug to open up, explodes on drinking.

Induction: First friend, roomie, partner in crime in choosing a murga to be slaughtered each night.
Midpoint: Crazy friend who supports me in my bizarre bucket list ideas without warning about their risks, a shoulder to cry on.

Induction: Sensitive girl, needs exposure to different ideas and people.
Midpoint: Confident lady who knows how to handle human resource sensitively and effectively.

Induction: Social worker with good amount of experience in fellowship and development sector.
Midpoint: Ambitious friend, going out of the way to learn and improve himself.

Induction: Uncertain about his place in the fellowship, fixed in mind-set.
Midpoint: Hyperactively blended in his organization, truly following  the values of the fellowship.

Induction: Spanish amiga, well-read, not very open to ideas that don’t concur to her own viewpoint.
Midpoint: Good listener, a hopeless romantic, trying to figure out life and people at her own pace, through her own experiences.

Induction: Krishan Kanhaiya of the fellowship, funnily cute person, who can speak out of context things in serious conversations.
Midpoint: Unexpectedly emotional fellow, like a college friend with whom I can hang out without much thought.

Induction: A patient and tolerant roomie, too disciplined, a homie.
Midpoint: Direct wavelength match, facing similar dilemmas like me but much more sorted out.

Induction: Serious, reticent, caring guy, doesn’t understand Hindi.
Midpoint: Rude and mean (pun intended), speaks Hindi fluently.

Induction: Nightwalker friend who christened me butterfly, calls me for entertaining him and his gonna be girlfriend.
Midpoint: Understanding, and logical, able to think clearly in all situations.

Induction: Cute, little kid who loves dancing.
Midpoint: Team worker, loves origami, went few extra miles to belong to the community.

Induction: Guy who makes funny faces, contact person if you need certain ‘stuff’.
Midpoint: Very serious person under the veneer of cuteness, unable to share his emotions with everyone.

Induction: Punjaban by heart, spoilt my Spanishiano.
Midpoint: More open and understanding lady, can chill out with her when stressed.

Induction: I don’t know what I am doing here, no environmental project, escapism?
Midpoint: Much more confident, loosened up a bit, flexible, stretching my comfort zone each day, in love with life.

Well, this is the product of dearth of ideas, and an idle mind. Hope the co-fellows and fellowship team enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing.


5 thoughts on “Induction vs Midpoint

  1. Sometimes people change and sometimes it’s just our own understanding of them that does. A point to ponder might be how much of this is really a change in their character and how much is just you getting to know them better or them opening up more. Anyhoo, glad to see the blog back on track. That was one change we were all waiting for. 🙂

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