Get Set Go

[Naujheel, Mathura]

Finally, my “Go period” started; here I am on field to implement 4 months of intense planning and visualization of my team in order to achieve the desired objective. Being in this fellowship, I got a project, set my planning in 4 months with my host organization and now finally implementing on field. This is the experience period, this fellowship talks about, the period every India fellow is eager to experience from day one.

Well I am not underestimating the experience I got in “set period” i.e. planning phase, which is sporadically on, but the sky is vast here. It’s a period of mental emancipation where I am feeling free and more responsible towards work. Here i  have a list of ideas I want to write about, along with another list of excuses why I am not writing regularly.

  • How is it going here? Beside, trying to adapt to the ecology of this place, I am chasing the Braj language and its tone to learn and use, understanding the cultural and social phenomenon of this area. Most of the time, travelling by stock or cattle transport vehicles, on the road which gives guarantee of clash between flesh and bone.
  • My site and movement increases people’s curiosity followed by questions like why am I in their village, who am I etc with some interesting suggestions like this place is not good and safe for girls … I should be very careful and alert. Some also made me visualize different plots where I could be harmed.
  • I am living with a family whom I got to know just one month ago but now my deep involvement in their family,  is enough to astonish me at human connectivity.
  • It is also going on with the daily work task, for which I am here. Increasingly, this work is making me responsible day-by-day; responsible to the people and community, to my implementing field team and most importantly, responsible to the children whom I am working with, to ensure their learning by providing them a favorable environment where they can be themselves,
  • My project “DISHA” is an alternate learning program in which our teachers try to make children learn the basic concept of math and language through contextual activities. Hand skill is also very important component of the curriculum we work on but not only as a tool but as an objective. For that, I  visit schools four to five days in a week, do meetings with stakeholders, orientation sessions on designed activities with teachers, monitoring and weekly & monthly reporting. So more or less, my whole task is about planning, coordinating and implementing, in a very flexible format.
  • But eventually, the beautiful part of my days or even heretofore journey of 4 months  are the time, when I accompany the children, listening, seeing or playing  with them. With them, my time is either constructive or stimulating and i love it in both the way. Sometimes I laugh at their waywardness, sometime I blast and then say sorry. In their company, a new vantage of seeing things or life  is developing which is as simple and straight as anything I ever imagined. So these days I am going like this … learning, enjoying and exploring myself.

One thought on “Get Set Go

  1. “by questions like why am I in their village….this place is not good and safe for girls” A funny thing I’ve noticed is that they only say this about people who obviously come from a different background i.e. they don’t go warning their own women – or even women from other villages – about these dangers. It seems to be less about your sex than it is about your social class or upbringing. Something to ponder there…:)

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