A Daughter of The Markewadi Village

After a long frustrating stay in a city, I got chance to go back to village named as Markewadi, which is located around 6-8 Kms away from Karjat. It’s very near to Matherun hill station, a beautiful place in all seasons. The people in the village never saw a girl like me who had completed post graduation, who had traveled to other states for a job or chosen fellowship as her career choice. The most important and bothering issue was that I turned 25 and I wasn’t “yet married” and working with a group of men as an only woman in that work team.

Initial few days, our office had a lot of visitors throughout the day whether you give a permission or not? It was so irritating for me because they just come in or peep directly into my office and the room I stay in. After work, a group of women and children came to me to ask details like my family background, caste, status, salary, reasons why I did not marry. Few women came separately to ask me directly if I have a problem in my body. It was very hard for me to handle the unexpected flow of questions.

People are not so bad. I took a breath and started asking questions like what to do after marriage? The answers are to have family, husband, children. I asked again, what next? Complete silence… To have children is a constant reply. Then I explained about my plan of being financially independent, save money for future, what do I lose and gain if I marry after I am mentally and financially independent and prepared.

I witnessed time and patience bring lot of changes in environment and peoples life. After this conversation the women started treating me as their daughter and asked to help their children in studies. They come to me asking finance planning and sometimes to share family problems. By my observation, I understood there is some change in thoughts but I am not sure whether they are positive or negative. But a ray of hope has come that someday at least one girl from here will replace me somewhere in this small world; yet very big.


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