Have you ever seen a tornado or cyclone or storm? I have not, but watched in movies. I can judge that it creates turbulence in nature. Things start moving or flying or colliding against other things – in short its end up creating chaos. But the moment it stops you see the serenity of nature again. Sit somewhere from where you can see the horizon and enjoy the solitude.

Past four months were as good as a tornado in my life. Things were moving, colliding and creating turbulence which destroyed my physical as well as mental health. I have never been responsible for things personally or professionally in my life till then. So this sudden responsibility on my inexperienced shoulders was creating problems. There is always a first time for everything and it is difficult but you learn through it. You know your capabilities and limitations but when you are the most accountable person in decision making obviously people are going to expect a lot from you. If anything goes wrong you will be judged and blamed even if it is not your mistake. It is not wrong. Obvious if your decisions are affecting others then you are responsible for that. Every time the situations are not in your control and certainly things go wrong.

My pampered soul wanted that someone else should take care of my problems. That was the moment I decided to survive from this tornado. I stopped expecting from others when I knew I can help myself. The tornado seems to be settling in now slowly. It is not completely gone. I know it is going to come back but this time I am better prepared. Till then I am going enjoy the view of the horizon.


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