Clean And Healthy Drinking Water

This is not an innovation. It’s an age-old method to purify water for human consumption. The information was gathered when a student of class 8 came forward to share the methodology used at her home to make sure that drinking water is purified. The filter is made of locally available materials. Materials required to make such a filter are; an earthen pot with an opening towards the bottom (matka/matki), three sieves of same size, cotton bolls or a few pieces of cotton cloth to fill the first sieve on top, vetiver roots to fill the second layer/sieve and a few seeds of drumstick tree and coriander.

  1. The cotton fibers act as primary filters and avoid the passage of any particle contaminant if present.
  2. The second layer of the vetiver roots (Chrysopogon zizanoides) is used to keep the water fresh and cool and also removes any odd smell if present.
  3. The layer of the seeds is the most important and very useful. The seeds of drumstick tree (Moringa oleifera) often referred as the miracle tree, is a very effective water purifier. It helps remove 90% of disease causing microbes and sediments from the water. These seeds contain positively charged Moringa proteins which help destroy the harmful microbes.The seeds of coriander on the other hand are helpful in removing heavy metal contaminants like lead and nickel.

Besides these properties to purify water, the seeds and the root also have medicinal properties which are additional benefits. Though the process of purification consumes a lot of time, it is a cheap and effective method that can be used in households.


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