My Pursuit Of Happiness

Everyone in their life always has or has had a personal pursuit of happiness. This comes from various kinds of things and various things that they have done or achieved or even aimed to achieve in different phases of life. For some people the feeling of happiness comes when they are young and for some it comes when they are a breath away from death. Finding one’s own happiness is something that every individual has to do by themselves. The pursuit of happiness and failure are something that goes hand in hand with each other. If you find you’re meaning of happiness then you are successful but if you do not find it this don’t mean that you are not or have not been able to live a successful life. What it means is that you just have to try harder if you want to look for true happiness.

When I set out in the search of my pursuit of happiness I realized that there was a lot of thing that had happened with me which had made me so sad that the happy moments of my life had been overlooked because I was just trying to concentrate on getting rid of the bad luggage that I was carrying with me that the good luggage that I had got pressed in the rear end of the boot of my mind’s car. It was a real struggle for me to literally ‘Get a load of my back’. When I was finally able to do that then I was able to see a lot more colour in my life and then I realized that what I was missing was finding my own happiness and thus stated my pursuit of happiness. Now my life has changed and I am now a changed individual. I am now happy and content. There is very little sorrow that is there inside of me. I have a good job, good people around, good friends and relationships with my family are also going strong and good.

Even after being so happy it doesn’t mean that I have found happiness and my pursuit is now over. Like I said that we all have our pursuits of happiness. I have just merely begun the journey to find my happiness.


One thought on “My Pursuit Of Happiness

  1. I do hope that your current situation is sustainable as well. Too often do we find something fulfilling that actually can’t last long. And then when it ends, we feel crushed. The fellowship itself can be viewed this way and its end date is clearly known in advance. I do hope that you have some idea of what to do after that. Anyway, this is good to hear. Best wishes and many more happy days to you! 🙂

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