My True Independence

For the last 22 years I had always been part of the Independence Day celebrations in different ways, all of them as a kid. In 2015 however this time I celebrated my first independence day as an independent person. I was in Bihar away from home and family. I was no longer studying in a school or college but was working as in I have a job. What this blog is for is not to tell you what Independence Day in India means or anything like that but to share what my idea of independence is.

For me independence is not just living away from home and without your parents but doing what you want to in the way you feel comfortable and living by yourself. Independence to me is not just the physical feeling of being independent but the very idea that you are alone and free to live life on your own terms. This is what physical independence is all about. What I am also talking about is the mental, emotional and spiritual kind. Understanding and being one with these kinds of independence is what I believe is what is the key for my growth in such a program like the India Fellowship.

When the fellowship talks about ‘Discover your Journey’ this is what comes to my mind. The idea that you get to work in a grassroot level NGO and while doing that you are getting exposure of the life in Rural India and at the same time understanding the functioning  of organizations in the Rural Development sector. Understanding the functioning and also exploring your independence felt like a huge challenge to me.  What I found challenging was not the fact that I was away from home but that I was finally being able to explore the true feeling of being independent in terms of handling my finances, living alone, taking care of myself and having to figure out things by myself rather than running to my parents all the time.

I feel that there is a lot that the fellowship has taught me in terms of understanding or at least beginning to understand my true self …


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