Sir Hum Bhi “THEATLE” Karna Chahate Hain

One day when I am busy during rehearsals at Parivartan when a group of young kids all of 12 -13 years old approaches me. They had been standing outside the amphitheatre and were watching the rehearsals that I was doing with the actors of the repertory. We had been going on a long stretch so I gave the cast a ten minute break. Seeing that I had given a break these kids approached me. There were about six of them a mixed bag of boys and girls. Following is the conversation that I had with them during the ten minute break.

KIDS: Sir hum bhi “{theatel} karna chahte hai”? Hum sab pichla natak dekhe the aur hame bahut acha laga tha. To ab hume bhi natak karna hai.

ME: Are waah achi baat hai. Acha kya acha laga natak mein tum logon ko?

KIDS: Sir firoz aur ajit bhaiya (members of the repertory) ka comedy jo kiye the na, vo dekh ke hame bahut hasi aaya tha. Bahut acha comedy kiye the dono bhaiya log.

ME: To tum logon ko comedy natak pasand hai? Tum log bhi karna chahte ho viasa natak?

KIDS: Ji sir. Hum repertory mein aana chahte hai hum kab se aa jaye.

ME: Abhi ruko abhi to festival ka tayari chal raha hai uske baad ashutosh sir se bat karta hu. Mere khayal se chatt ke baad kuch dekhte hai thik hai. Abhi tum log class mein jao mujhe yahan rehearsal mein jaana hai na.

KIDS: Thik hai sir. Aap baat kar lijiyega sir se.

This exchange with the kids was so amazing that I have been thinking about it every day since then and as I promised to the kids I spoke to my boos Ashutosh sir and told him that the kids were interested – he too was really happy and his reaction just said it all for me that we will be able to do what the kids want.

Since the day I had the conversation with the kids we have started to plan and also will soon implement workshop for kids in their schools which will be conducted by members of our repertory. I am optimistic that in time we will be able to give the children what they want so that they too can do “theatle”.


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