Why Focus on Education?

According to me improving the livelihood of people was the best way to help them enjoy a better life. But, now I am helping out in projects related to education. Though I was able to perform my duties on time and was appealing to the organization I work for, deep in my mind I was still confused about my purpose of doing it. I somehow could not connect myself to the reality and the end result. I didn’t know if there would be an end result as such. I asked myself, “What am I doing in Pune, going to local government schools and helping the instructors teach Pythagoras theorem, facts about human body, laws of motion and what not for around 4 hours a day? (In a language alien to me). Even now I am not completely sure, but I this is what I think. It made me realize that there are other things that needs to be changed in the world. Just improving the income of a family does not improve the standard of living or the attitude towards life.

Initially instead of finding the answer I had asked some of the senior members of my organization. My co-fellow and I had one question to them, “why are we giving importance to education, and that too teaching science and mathematics in schools when they may be starving at home?” The general explanation was that, this is the way we chose and want to concentrate on one domain and excel in it than taking up everything at once. But among many explanations we got, I found one valid or maybe I found it to be the answer to my question. The head of the ecosystem project of Agastya International Foundation told us that, “it’s all about the number of theory we are able to inject into the children but, the overall impact that we make on the young minds. It’s the age when they observe a lot and learn a lot indirectly as well. It may not be bookish, they learn from the nature and attitude of the person who is teaching them and also by being friendly and approachable to the students we let them avoid the fear of teachers and also improve their confidence to express themselves. Also, the situation we are exposed to in childhood stays with us for a life time.”

Now, when I put everything together, I feel happy to be working for a cause that will have a long term impact on a lot of young minds. And, as I started understanding the language (Marathi) better each day, I found myself developing liking and curiosity to at least do some experiments and now I wish I had teachers like the instructors of the organization who are ready to explain through experiments and also without losing temper at answering questions and finding solutions to doubts in a convincing manner.

Now I am hopeful about the cause I am working for as a part of various projects. I am finally convinced and happy to be a part of efforts to evolve a better future generation. It feels good when I am out there to work for a better cause than just talking about it.


One thought on “Why Focus on Education?

  1. Hierarchy is everywhere and so in education also, where science and math are on top and then language and social science and then, arts and music. So, for a child, and his complete development, what is not so important if they are more adoptable in their age. It would be good if our current system give them chance to observe, learn, and practice divergent thinking rather than injecting various theories.

    Good piece. Am waiting for your next blog on education.


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