Don’t Grow Up! Its A Trap!

The dictionary defines growing up as gaining size and expand or developing to reach maturity. It doesn’t take two to figure out here that gaining size is the easier part. Some feel that being emotionally independent is one of the factors that shows you have grown up. Emotionally independent essentially means dealing with all your issues alone rather than offloading them upon your friends or parents. Has it really come to this? To grow up is to be alone?

Living in a society essentially means that by choice, of course we don’t wish to remain alone. We love to have people around us who care about us and who we can care about. And then there’s that. Care. It leads to expectations. Expectations that others have on you. A friend of mine told me that he is exhausted of making his loved ones happy, tired of living up to their expectations and wishes for a carefree life like what he used to have during his adolescence. Does growing up make us a doormat for others to walk on? Does caring for someone get so intoxicating that ultimately you start to live up to other’s expectations and forget your own?
It made me think, what exactly are the pros of being a grown up? Some hard earned money? A place of your own? Endless tv? Freedom, most of them say … freedom to do whatever you feel like when you want to. But does this freedom mean getting choked up in your emotions and responsibilities?
So when does it all become easy, I asked my dad. And he said ‘It never is and it never will be.

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