A Dreamer’s Conundrum…

I had a dream last night. I saw Anupama Pain.  She stood with a sword in her hand and as she swung it, the alarm went off and I realized I have to write a blog. I was rather dubious about the whole idea. For the last few weeks I have been haunted by a cauldron of physical and mental stress. Not that I am giving excuses but if it is supposed to be a reflection, I think I have to be honest. So, I have written about few things in the past and nothing, I noticed, pertains to the work I am doing at Grassroutes. Trust me I am not in Bombay to have a shot at the movies, not that anyone would take me. Without any further gags, let me cut to the chase.

My Grassroutes’ journey is the kind of stuff, fairy tales originate from. I am grateful to God for India Fellows and Anupama’s brilliant matchmaking skills. It’s a blessing to work in an organization that gives you freedom to go berserk in terms of creativity, ideas and aspirations. I am rediscovering sides of me, I almost forgot existed. Working alongside Mr. Inir Pinheiro, The Director, Grassroutes Journeys Pvt. Ltd., I am sure of one thing, true leaders walk behind their herd.

From the liberty which has been so graciously given to me, one fine morning I approached our Director with an idea. Honestly, I was mostly talking about how much I love the countryside, the rivers, the valleys and the hills. Yeah, that’s right, precisely this is how I went talking and after few moments of me blabbering and him patiently listening, I realized I lost the point. So, the point is and was that I love such peaceful surroundings. They encourage me to read and write. This brings us to the idea. I wanted to do an event that caters to people like me. I mean those who love to read and write, not the impulsive, half-wit, emotional fools.

The idea was to conduct a gathering, in one of our villages, where readers and writers can peacefully indulge in their desires and get connected to others like them. After being told by him, that this wasn’t a completely insane plan, I was asked to contact a person who is a story-teller by profession. The meeting was held at a small coffee house in Bandra. Having met this person and knowing that he trains writers also, I returned with a full-blown plan for a writer’s workshop.

My idea is past the conceptualization stage, it has evolved into THE WRITERS RETREAT, to be held quarterly, the first installment of which is due on 28th-29th November 2015. 40 aspiring writers, camping for 2 days, in the hills of Purushwadi* in Maharashtra. The retreat is designed to disconnect people from technology and its noise and provide them an environment conducive to creativity. The marketing of this event is quite a lot of work, a whole list of publication houses, published authors, bloggers, bookstores etc. to be contacted.

Apart from all this, virtually, there hasn’t been any learning, the blogs have slowed down. There’s too much of shifting, juggling, shuffling, in short, life as a fellow isn’t easy.

I had a dream last night, I felt like I was trapped in a submarine without oxygen and the pressure made it hard to breathe. The very next moment, I stood facing the sea and could see the sunrise.

Have a look – thestroyretreat.com | bit.ly/1RKjKRS | grassroutes.co.in

* Purushwadi – One of the first villages that Grassroutes adopted is also famous for its “Million Fireflies Festival”, amazing hospitality and serene location. Post the commencement of monsoons in June every year, the village witness sights that could be easily misinterpreted as stars having stepped down from heaven to the earth.


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