Samaahit (Social Immersion) in a Mathura Village

In my organization Drishtee, which is a social enterprise working with the rural communities, I am working in a project called Samaahit which means inclusive immersion. Samaahit Immersion is a tool and an experiential program for corporate to engage, understand, analyse, and co-create solutions for the problems identified in the sector. We facilitate partnership between stakeholders and remote communities for co creating sustainable solutions through immersion approach. My first immersion facilitation happened in villages of block Naujheel of Mathura district with a team of 4 participants from Lufthansa Airlines.

As the name suggests, our objective was to engage and understand the rural community in the 3 days immersion program. I have tried to give a glimpse of an Indian village and the work of my organization by the pictures we clicked during the program.

Though I was a facilitator during the program, many incidents and conversations happened with me for the first time. The strange and funny part was that when I was translating what the villagers were saying, I was equally shocked, thrilled, content and excited as the foreigners were. One of the participants writes of his immersions as intense personal moments: “They make me restless but hopeful. They disturb me deeply, but at the same time recharge me.” For me, having the time and space for unlearning was important. It also allowed me to stop analyzing people living in villages as objects of development, but rather just to be with them and allow the learning to happen.


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