An Interesting Meeting

For the last twelve days, I have been spending my days in Lake City of India, Udaipur attending India Fellow orientation program. I met interesting people from different parts, with varied educational and work background. Every day I am learning practicalities doing different activities with co-fellows. Despite having attended programs of similar kind; there is something new about this.

In one of these activities, we had to visit nearby villages. We went to Palladi village which is off the NH23, in Badgao block of South Rajasthan. I had spent last one year in villages of Bihar, but it didn’t dampen my curiosity to know yet another village. On way, I saw people busy in their daily routine. I came across a boy, Dinesh who lived with his parents and elder brother in a katchha house having two rooms. Dinesh is twenty year’s old, normal height and physic. Despite of only completing primary school, he was keenly updating himself about current affairs like which movies are recently released, what is going on in politics and cricket matches.

A mare name Padma is the only source of livelihood for his family –  rented for marriage, parties and local melas. He told me about his family, what is his future plans, where his sister lives. Showing his family album, he immersed in motion broad back by old photographs, but I had to leave as I had to reach our centre. He saw me off by saying come next day as I have to talk about more things. The bonding I felt in one hour is not less than that one year within villages in Bihar …


2 thoughts on “An Interesting Meeting

  1. It is tough to keep the motivation up after you have spent a while in the villages already. Something makes you wary. Glad to know you still feel engaged :-).


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