To The Journey That Is Yet To End

It all seems like a life-time,
But then again when i think it looks like it started yesterday,
And here we are looking forward for that last time,
When we will be there again.
To share and to care,
To cry and to smile.
But I am afraid those days are meant to pass by,
And soon it will be memories that will fly high.
Let be there no on who we are,
Let be there no what we want,
Let be there no where we go,
Let be there no on that anxiety that will follow,
As all these will eventually look clear.
Let’s just be there,
To feel and to let go,
Cause there will be no second time like this anymore.
I know it may all sound like the world is ending,
But hey! cheer up there is this new beginning- 
May it be not clear for a few,
Or some might have even started on what’s new!
But patience O dear! your time will come,
As you have already began sometime last year in June.
This fellowship might not end on what we thought it would have been like,
Or may be for a few it was totally revived,
But this fellowship have certainly gifted me a lot,
From friends to love it has shown me all.
May be someday i will figure it all,
Of what i lost and what i got,
But now is the time for that final go,
As O ladies! i still have my assignment to follow 😛

Carp’e Diem! 


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