Livelihoods Of Likelihood

When the modern ways of development and progress permeate an isolated society, they are bound to offset their traditional ways of being and without a natural evolution make the society dependent on factors outside their control and on the modern term called livelihood. Natural evolution in my understanding is a naturally curtailed progress on a long enough timeline which allows the fundamentals of operations of a society to not change that fast. People in the permeated society have to now seek a form of livelihoods as they are a participant in the rolling of a bigger wheel and the wheel is their master. Even though the wheel is bigger, it turns out that there is less likelihood of livelihood for its participants as is evident in the GDPised world of today. This does not trouble me anymore though. Inevitability of change, as my co-fellow Laxmi says. Though I have my doubts about the inevitability of inevitability of change. Anyway let’s drop that. I do not know how many times I can use the word inevitable in a sentence.

The field area I work in Uttarakhand too is a participant in the bigger wheel. Truly and reluctantly (oh, my presumptions!) divorced from maintaining a self-sustainable lifestyle as in the past, there are various other things that the people have had to take up here, and that includes being unemployed in the worldly-sense-of-the-word. The NGOs that have cropped up in the area provide a fair amount of pay to a fraction of the people, importantly continuous. Tourism has begun in this region as the gigantic and snow-peaked mountains show us how much white the colour white is, only in the winters; people have opened up resorts or found employment in them. Consequently, a lot of people have also opened up shops for various things to cater to the touristy population and as of now simpler and not-gettable-through-traditional-means-any-longer needs of the local people. Farming still continues, tilted towards cash crops. Some people do not even have an olfactory-experience of the bigger-wheel pie, and they earn on a daily basis doing odd jobs. Count the marginal farmers in for that too because of obvious reasons. Ah, the unemployed too. Yes, for not being able to smell the pie at the very least.

See, a pie is food and it must be had. Some people want to have it more than others though and in the process have been driven to achieve more of the laughing-Gandhi-paper. Well yeah, it is being done here too. That’s no different from any other permeated society and that’s fine. The result of the Indian subcontinent having collided against the Eurasian plate a long time back is being utilized the most. A chain of natural high-rises and its surrounding flora and fauna is the “in” thing these days for the financially-settled-and-tired city people. Flocking in SUVs they are slowly conquering the area as quite a lot of the local people are selling them/have sold them their land in which vegetables used to rise out of the land and now cottages do, at steep profits, as steep as the mountains. As a result the total mass on these natural high rises is increasing. To counter that (oh, my presumptions again!), people are now getting engaged with the mining of rock in their own land, river streams and abandoned plots. Let me tell you that they are doing it pretty fast; as fast as the SUVs are moving in here. While on the side, some of the young people are getting attracted to the work of salespersons in alcohol shops and at manufacturing units of local alcohol for the currency it provides them. Though it is not steady for years on ends as the sales and production contracts get renewed every year through a lottery system by the government, and the same gunda might not get to keep all his contracts for all the time in the world and consequently, some of some of the young people employed certainly lose their jobs. Well, that’s probability for you.

Here and actually everywhere now, in light of less likelihood of livelihood options, people have still found livelihoods of more likelihood for sustenance in the bigger wheel. The pie has been made the must-go-and-get-it and irresistible thing I guess; however it has been.


4 thoughts on “Livelihoods Of Likelihood

    • Thank you Shankar. 🙂 The tone is in a subtle manner despondent I know, but this time I thought I should express that. Inevitable. 😛 I liked what you shared, did not understand it fully though. Will ask you later. 🙂

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