An Update

I feel as if I’m back in my territory. That familiar old territory. I am talking about this exercise of writing on things like what’s happening with me in the field or my personal journey or just in general on what’s going on in my head.

I’ll try to be very brief. Just for my sake as I’m typing in my phone. My previous organization Aajeevika Bureau, yeah you heard right, my previous organization! Aajeevika Bureau saw that not much value was being added by me. So they wanted to terminate relationship saying, ‘we are not the right match for each other’ so that I would not get disheartened.

So now. I had a month to go for my mid-point training. This training is one of the three trainings which the fellows go through over the course of the year and is arranged by the India Fellow program team. My coordinator/co founder of the India Fellow hinted me to take a break till the mid point training and then start working with a new organization. So now, one month. What to do?

Thanks to India Fellow, I have a wonderful and adorable girl friend. No, they didn’t set me up with her.

So i was in Udaipur when Aajeevika Bureau said we were not the right match. My luggage was in a village in some other district of Rajasthan. I had hardly anything with me except her (I’ll keep referring to her as just ‘her’) and my back pack. I guess I borrowed clothes from her and set off to Mumbai to meet my mentor. Here in India Fellow each fellow is assigned a mentor who would aid or be a guide in our personal and professional journey. Speaking of which I’m not using this opportunity efficiently for now. Anyways, I met my mentor and was off to Amdavad where she met.

We started travellng. First was Somnath which was a pretty ordinary experience except for a Tamil tiffin vendor whom she liked. Then we went on a bus safari in the Gir forest. First of a kind for me, so not bad. Then comes Diu (of Daman and Diu) which was just fantastic and refreshing. We took a little room there in a church converted museum and yes there I had one of the best times ever. Highlight were the non commercialized beaches. But unlike me she was not fired … so she had to leave for her organization after spending a week or so with me.

Now I was on my own. I started off with Jaisalmer. I have to say I was not cool roaming around while at the same time not knowing what lies next. However the golden glow and its sheer architectural brilliance carved on stone were adorable enough for me to stay and explore for three days even in that bad mood. Next stop, Jaipur. Stayed for only a short duration that I could just only get awed by it before anything else. Chugged all the way to Kolkata then. Another city, another three days of excitement. Great visuals and experiences I can cherish, especially Friday mass at Mother Teresa’s tomb. The smiling and glowing nuns. Cheap road side food, internet and railway platforms were my food, guide and accommodation. Then again back to Udaipur, this time not in the city but somewhere in the Aravalli ranges in a campus called Swaraj university. I have to write a whole new thing to tell about the campus though. All I can say is it was peacefully crazy!

Come mid point training. Great sessions. Not so great interactions with fellows as I wanted (telling about myself alone). On top of that, cold and gloomy climate of Delhi!

Then went home after 6/7 months. Parents were glad to know that I haven’t forgotten them ;-). Went to visit her home too for the first time. Glad to see I was welcome there too!

So finally here I’m writing this from Vigyan Ashram which is in a village called Pabal, some two to three hours from Pune.

P.S.: Vigyan Ashram is a host organization and more details about it can be found here – India Fellow 2014 – Vinay is currently volunteering with them as part of experiential learning.


One thought on “An Update

  1. Good to read you after a long gap. Sums up what happened last couple of months! Keep blogging about your experiences in Pabal. Have also added a short foot note for context.


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