Rebirth!!! The Enigma of Figuring Out

After one month break … there was just nothing left to crib, nothing to complain; just my refreshed energy to take up something I can be happy on. It was time I should be moving on in life to the new destination, new city and new hope. Never knew a city can get into me so much in just five weeks of living with it. There was something which made me feel happy, which influences me for being humble, which made me connect to it.

It’s just been five weeks I am posted in Pune and I had love for the place not because of a person, or the hang out places are great or the city is the educational hub. But, the work what I do.

I am with Bhumi past two months, and I seriously never had the count how the days passed by. The work always has its ways to surprise me. Bhumi is a volunteering driven NGO working towards making an impact for underprivileged kids to visualize education in best ways for their lives. Bringing that impact in lengths and breadths of the country was not an easy task. The four guys deciding to do something, and they start teaching in orphanage. Once the year ended the authorities ask these youngsters to give the report of what they did, but there was nothing measured, authorities asked them to stop. Again, going back and learning from the mistakes – they came up with methods to teach the kids and they were prepared to assess the impact. That’s it!!! The effort they have put in all these years, the trust they have to build in the eye of the kids, the belief of organizations they are part of are inspiring.

Being a volunteer driven organization I get to encounter some amazing souls who see things beyond their imagination of making a change in the world. The passion they bring in is a great energy which drives even the laziest human being to be a star. What mattered to me was even the most pessimistic situations started turning to be the most optimistic opportunities to live for.  I came with the feel to social sector with the thinking to change the world. But believe me I got a “rebirth” of my thoughts.


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