“Live It Or Leave It”

Life is a beautiful place to live in forever, if all the paths we choose are the ones which work best for us. If by chance any path becomes the wrong one, then let me tell you one thing life is the heaven to live in eternity of it.

Joining India Fellow was the best decision I have ever taken in my life independently. Being an overprotected child throughout my life, it was really a difficult task to convince my parents about my dream of traveling and working for an NGO for a year which more or less sounded then like winning a World Cup. As a person who loves mountains and my work profile also suited to, I was sent to Uttarakhand to work for a year with them. Truly speaking I was the happiest soul you could have ever seen on that day. My whole mind went into the state of day dreaming about what I will be doing, what kind of community I will be part of, what I will be working on, where I will be traveling, how I will be, what I will be learning and  how I will be discovering myself.

I was still in dreams even after going to mountains. Life was going on but somewhere I was not happy with what I was doing. I was never enthusiastic about things I really want to do. Each day I was carrying the baggage of frustration, each day I was expecting something will be happening fine but each day I would end up being sad. Even in the beautiful place my living the moment was lost. I was hanging onto something invisible. I was scared to give up, worried about future, shock to digest the failure. I was literally trapped in the web of my own decisions. Whenever my mind came up with quitting everything and going back to where I started my journey I felt defeated.

I had started to introspect and one thing had become clear “No one can be perfect but the situation makes us one”. I decided to move on in life and the way was only to let go off the situation. Living is not always what happens according to my plans but about the moments which ruin my plans, build my confidence and still teach me coming out way stronger than I imagined.  We may be passionate about something very silly, we may want something desperately, we may need something irrational but the reality is only when we try, only when we get our hands dirty and only when we feel what it takes to be there, is the time you come to know whether you ever wanted this or not.


One thought on ““Live It Or Leave It”

  1. So true. The last line. I think I learnt some of that on field too. And then had to keep reminding myself through all the years after that.

    The experience is to live and love. Each and every day since it may not come back. And uncluttering ones mind of the things we desperately hang on to, even after having no real need off.

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