Impact’s Assessment

There is a great difference between reality and our theoretical knowledge about the same. To what extent is there a difference can only be known once we engage and immerse ourselves in the reality surrounding us. Ours is such a conditioned society that almost everything will have to be questioned for us to really experience reality.

Before joining the fellowship, for a person like me who comes from a setup which never allowed experiential learning and immersion in reality, I had my own ideas about the dimensions of the impacts and the impacts that the social sector helps to create. It had never occurred to me that to help create an impact there could be as many simple dimensions to address as I have discovered in the past few months. Dimensions such as; getting rid of some things that aren’t adding value, doing managerial work to keep things going and adjusting to the pace of the community and the organization.

My idea of an impact and its dimensions wasn’t based in rational thought, it was merely based in the emotionally-affected state of mind which led me to feel but not necessarily contribute. My co-fellow Conchita has already written about this, and my further points will be, if not an extension, but a reiteration of the same thought as hers. An emotionally-affected state of mind led me only to the ideation of big and bigger plans. It was only when I worked in a field area with my organization did I come to see the contribution of the supposedly small and smaller things.

In simple and difficult terms, equally, such was the case before that I was aware of Impact Assessment, but not of Impact’s Assessment. I know they seem similar but for my understanding I have created a difference. Impact’s Assessment for me means an assessment not of an impact in the community but an assessment of an impact’s dimensions. This way I hope I won’t get lost in the big idea of impact and will be able to follow the idea without losing touch with its dimensions, which may seem menial at first, but if not heeded to will even take away the opportunity from us to help create an impact, let alone an impact assessment afterwards.


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