The Confusion Race

I always dreamed about being an entrepreneur, starting something on my own. Making it big, leading a team; but these dreams have always been dreams and I have not done anything for it. Sometimes I even think whether this is what I really want. Furthermore would it be right for me to sit for that moment when I will be crushed by a great idea to take forward?  Will that idea ever come to me? When is that moment? By what means will I understand that this is something that I need to truly do? Then again may be that idea is there and I am simply not looking that way.

This was the confused outlook that I had when my India Fellow mentor last came to the Sevalaya campus. We as usual went for our long strolls, talking and discussing on diverse. Relationships, marriages, love towards science, management, technology – we discussed it all.  This discussion had a pause when he made a question

“What will you do on 1st July 2015?”

Truly after this fellowship, where will I head; more than 4 months have already passed.  I have not been smashed by that great idea up till now, and in the off chance I never will.  I have financial needs, so will I have to again depend on my family to support till the time I find my idea,  or do I have to go back to the point of finding a job related to my field?

As we started discussing more on this, I made a question “So what is the solution to this problem, what should I do after this fellowship?”  He replied “Choose from the available, do not wait for anything until you are waiting for certain information; take action and don’t get into dawdling. Thinking is good for a certain amount of time, then it becomes procrastination”.  Wisely said, I knew this always. Then why I am still in this confusion state.  What I am waiting for? I have to choose from the available choices, as simple as that. I believe we all in a certain phase of life face this confusion, when we cannot choose from the available choices. So what actually this confusion is about and how can we deal with it?

Confusion is the uncertainty that we have, to choose something. it is not about available choices, rather it is about the outcome of those choices.  But what if I choose one of the available choices now, and then I realized that this is not what I really want to do. Then what? I will fail, and I have to start from zero. But if I don’t take action today then again I am standing at zero and will always be in this limbo.

Easier said than done, we all are aware about this and still we are in here. The answer to this problem that I think and also am trying to implement is by getting rid of small confusions in life before, the bigger ones. Before deciding what I want to do in my life, we need to decide what I want to do this year, what I want to do this month, what I want to do this day and then before all that what I want to do now. Once we start taking actions on these small confusions of our life and eventually these big confusions will automatically fade with time. I hope. We don’t have to wait for an idea to reach us. These day to day decisions will take us to that idea, or the purpose we all are trying to find.  Deciding for smaller confusions is relatively easy and even if we make a wrong choice we can have a learning experience.

So, we just need to come out of this confusion race and start taking action with whatever is available now.  Whatever we think is best; believing on the self. The worse we can get is a failure, which in turn will be a learning experience.  So, this piece is for those who are in this confusion race like I am and are not able to decide. As I had nothing in mind than this, I made a choice by writing this post – leaving the confusion and taking action.

So get up, and start taking action now with whatever available choice you have. And I hope we all will get rid of those big confusions sooner then we think, once we start taking action on the smaller ones. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Confusion Race

  1. It is great to see the successive improvement in your articulation 🙂 … still remember the time in KVK when you wrote your first blog. Be at it! All the best wishes Abhi …

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