From Darkness To Light

“Envision a child caught in a little shut box, with no wellspring of light. All he sees is the darkness and cramped surroundings. Essentially after his hard tries, he can’t get the light that he wishes in his world. Each time he tries to look for the light, he is been pummel by the haziness; the obscurity that predominates in all the creatures around. Agony and hollers had no effect to his scratch. As time passed by, and the murkiness was much more dim and all he accepted that this is the way it all ends. Demise was his new charm; Cold and numb, sitting tight for a wonder. 

But this wonder happened soon, as he realized that all he was looking in the wrong place. The light he was seeking outside was always inside. The box was no longer there under the light, it was just imagination which he made in the darkness. The thought lightened up his reality and made him aware about the limitless world that he always lived in. “

Often I am confronted with the idea that I look and behave like a kid, and they are right with this idea. Yes I am still a 7 year old kid living in the world of dreams and imagination and this is just what I choose to be forever.  But I was not same kid as this always and I have made a journey from being fearful Kid, to a fearless Kid which has lot to say. This story is about my journey from Darkness to light, fearfulness to fearlessness, and from aversion to love. If I backpedal into the time to the frightful side of my life each activity that I would have brought was with the inclination of being judged and with the contempt for the self. It all started right from my childhood; I was inside the box of fear feeling judged and hatred. It made me paralyzed from inside, the fear was so high that I had feared every possible action. Judged about how I look, how I talk, and whatever I do. It made me academic failure throughout my life. I wish someone would have understood my situations then story could have been different. But as the things have passed by, blaming someone is not my intention.

Then the story has a positive turn with the light, which made my life very bright. Now I have all the colors in my life and it is no more black and white. I don’t feel judged any more, and I love my self, more than anything else. And this is due to a thought that came into my life, which changed my life up-side down. This thought is about the self; that the light that we all seek in our life lies inside the self. Love, wisdom, peace, happiness, vitality and all that we seek outside truly lies inside the self. The sooner we understand the reality, the better our life ends up being. As soon I was aware about the self, delusion of the fear completely faded from my mind. The darkness no more rules my world.

It has also given me the understanding about the balance of life, that without experiencing darkness, we can never understand the light. So, now I don’t regret that fear box I experienced in my life. So is true for the success and failure. We need to understand the importance of both in our life. Experiencing and understanding both that makes us wise. Now this story has lot more to go ahead, but to end for now I will try sum up all my life in a quote, and wish for all to give it a deep thought.

“It’s an inside-out world that we all live in, rather than outside-in …”


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