My Journey So Far…

It all started in Udaipur, where all of us fellows got introduced to each other. Those fun filled days, the training sessions, I miss them all now. Can’t wait for the mid point training!

The jolly good fellows with Rahul and Anupama

And then it was time for our respective placements. I got placed at CLR, Pune. Those initial apprehensions which I have overcome now, makes my work more easier than before.

Placement Location – CLR, Pune

First assignment to Surguja and my visit to Mainpat, a lesser know hill station in Chhattisgarh. Heaven on earth indeed!

Mainpat! =D

It was amazing to note how well the villagers were making use of waste material available at home to make toys for their little ones.

Toys made out of waste material available at home!

Those ever green fields and the hard working farmers, come what may they work relentlessly!

Farmers working in a paddy field

It was time for my road trip to Hampi. What amazing place! What huge dynasty it was back then, ruled by Krishnadevaraya.

A much needed break – Hampi! =D

And then came the CLR outing to Mahabaleshwar. The early morning trek, the boat ride during sunset, the peace amidst nature – blissful two days!

CLR outing – Mahabaleshwar

Kids come up with such great games! It’s always a pleasure to see them play 🙂

Kids playing in an Anganwadi in Chhattisgarh!


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