India Employee or India Fellow?

4 months back I started a journey of freedom stepping out from the cages of traditional job culture and life, a journey to discover myself beyond all the boundaries.  In a hope to get freedom to fly, as all my life only thing that I desired was freedom. But looking into the self-mirror after this interval of 4 months, is it truly a journey of freedom?

To answer this I need to peek inside my daily life, a life that starts 9 in the morning with a daily attendance which is no different than my college, which eventually leads me to prove my daily working of 8 hours. Yes, 8 hours of hard work that employee is supposed to give without any intervening work. In the perspective of a manger it truly sounds correct and justifying for employees. In no doubt one has to give the hard work required to get the pay. And this is one of the key things in making an organization.

But then coming back to journey I started, leaving this job culture behind to give a new story to my life, traveling 2500km away from my place in search of freedom, the freedom that is lost in the 8 hours of work. I might not be working very hard, I might not be very productive, I might be making a lot of mistakes or I might not be a very good employee. But all I know is that I am a fellow before being employee. And a fellow demands freedom to work. The journey that a fellow is making is not limited to the organization’s projects and its expectations from the fellow. But it’s also about the fellow. Truly the fellow has to work on the projects and apparently show results but it doesn’t mean that the freedom to explore in the 8 hours of the working has to be lost. Also it doesn’t mean that every bit of 8 hours has to be given to the working of the organization. What is the point of fellowship if we don’t have the freedom to work in our own ways?

Now I have a doubt that is this fellowship a project driven or daily work driven. Is this fellowship about giving employees or fellows? If this fellowship is about giving employees then I think it is no different than a job consultancy. Coming to the end I would like to mention that reason to write this note is not about complaining, but rather sharing my views towards the journey that I am making in which I have lost my freedom somewhere.


3 thoughts on “India Employee or India Fellow?

  1. Oh meri bublou.

    The sentiments you are echoing here is something that I have been feeling for some time. I too find that when I am at work, I am highly unproductive. Even a simple task takes much longer than it should. This is something that I really need to work on for my personal growth. I am fortunate (or maybe unfortunate?) that I don’t have that same pressure to perform, that would really distract me from the whole ‘exploration’ aspect.

    But I am learning much from the exterior world. It seems that most of my learning happens when I am not in the office. Because I am deprived of fieldwork, my field has become Noida and the mundane things I do is my work. It isn’t exactly what I wanted but learning is happening and I cannot be closed to that at all!

    I hope that your ‘fellowness’ will always come before your ’employeeness’. Just remind yourself of where you have come from!


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  2. Truly, can our freedom ever depend on other things but us? :-). Freedom from employeeship for what? What is it that you cannot do in 16 hours can be done in 8? If anything i think those 8 hours provide much more opportunity than the other 16. To look at it as a chance or a restriction is only in our hands.

    Besides the basic assumption that fellowship and employeeship are different is flawed. To look down upon employeeship is dangerous, very dangerous. As long as you do any work for someone else but not yourself, you will always have this danger – whether an employee or a fellow. Think about it.

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