Cloudy Skies

Let us take a trip into this lovely fantasy land called Narol land. Here in this land the air carries a scent with it. We just can’t resist tasting it. There is also this amazing experience of wading through the clouds even while moving on the ground. Talking of the ground, the particles on the surface come to life in their excitement. So when these little particles on the ground could get wings why would the sky be left behind, or yeah far above, than to take part in this merriment. However, overwhelmed with emotion sky reaches out closer to bless this occasion through its arms. Here, the sorrows are kept inside closed gates may be with an attempt of not worrying others. Strangers live together showing the real practice of community living and are happy the way life moves around them. This is Narol land. Get as much as possible from it. No one objects. Indeed a fantasy land.

Scent being of pungent odor; can’t resist tasting; moving through clouds conveying polluted environment; dust and sand being the ground particles; arms being smoke clouds from factories and so on. The land is neither lovely nor can be of anyone’s fantasy. Unhealthy conditions to live in. Pollution in its various forms of land, water, air and noise, lack of cleanliness, lack of safety measures in factories, dead rats, crows feasting on them, people passing by all of this with their little attempt of not directly stepping on these things.

There is however something incredible happening in here. This is also a land where dreams come true. Yes, may be in a messy, chaotic and unhealthy manner. Numerous stories of people arriving here with nothing in hand and only with sheer hard work pride themselves of earning a decent income. This pride is nothing compared to the pride they exhibit while sharing the skills that they have acquired and how becoming skillful makes them confident. Also amazing how each person has a story to tell. Just like professors or scientists they are totally in their own mind and think mostly of their work.

One of the most critical issues here is of health. I don’t really believe in this ‘chaltha hain’ phrase. Lack of accessible information, lack of smooth processes or availability of remedies, and more important/pressing issues at hand to consider are a few reasons which are looked upon while this ‘chaltha hain’ is used quite liberally. At the end of a health camp I got the chance to sit near the doctor for about 30 minutes and look closely on the issues with which factory workers were approaching. It was incredible. Each and every person had some problem or the other. Yes, each and every person. Not talking of cough or cold here. Some have got lung issues, one has puss formed inside his body, some have less iron content and the list goes on…

These people who look older than they actually are complain to doctor of their health issues. But not many talk about exploitation. They are happy for getting work, happy for having the responsibility of earning, happy for learning skills and securing future though their hard work and effort.


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