Country side, bustling town and mixed feelings!

Amidst the comfort of office, listening to music, here I am writing my blog post.

After spending few uneventful days in Pune, it was time for me to leave for Chhattisgarh again. This time on a new assignment; apart from the old one.

The train ride to Raipur was long as usual but there were few interesting people this time in my coupe. I was traveling by AC 3 tier and I see this lady in my coupe who got upper berth getting onto her seat as soon as she boarded the train and tying a bed sheet around her berth. Never seen such a sight. All of us in my coupe exchanged looks and silently smiled. What with everyone having Smartphones these days in no time people clicked pictures and exchanged them with their friends.

After getting down at Raipur one of the other ladies from my coupe was kind enough to drop me at the SHRC office inspite of we being complete strangers. A good samaritan indeed! After reaching the SHRC office, I got the required footage for the toy making documentary and it was time for me to leave for my next destination, Ambikapur in Surguja district. I love the lush green paddy fields there, the quietness and the pollution free environment. I spent some good two days there shooting for the toy making documentary. I also got a chance to ride a two wheeler there with a light drizzle and cool breeze blowing with the beautiful Mainpat hills as backdrop.

Yet again, it was time for me to leave for Raj Nandgaon. After visiting the quite villages around Ambikapur, Raj Nandgaon was not a welcoming sight at all. The bustling town with all its pollution and the shady place that I was at, added no respite. I was completely exhausted by the time I reached Raj Nandgaon but there was no time for rest. So this other assignment that I was assigned was called the Home Scale. A base line study of the home scale was to take place. The field staff of CLR at Raj Nangaon was going to do the study and they had to be trained on the same. My role there was to assist one of my colleagues in the training of the Home Scale. So, as soon as I reached Raj Nandgaon I had to go onto field to test the scale before the training began the next day. It was an interesting scale, we had to interview the mothers or caretakers of the kids this time unlike in the ECCD scale where we tested the kids. The training went fine but I just couldn’t wait to come back to Pune from the day I reached Raj Nandgaon.

Interestingly the women in the villages around Raj Nandgaon were well educated and knew a lot of English as well and every village there had a library too! Unlike Surguja, the villages of Raj Nandgaon district were not backward at all. This was when I realized that Chhattisgarh is not a backward state after all and is far more developed than what I had known about it.


6 thoughts on “Country side, bustling town and mixed feelings!

    • True that! I so wanted to visit Dantewada, I was supposed to visit that place as well 😦 I hope to visit it soon. You are right about development, it is a debatable topic and am open to it 🙂


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