Beat Not Bleed

Bleeding hearts should beat not bleed

For helpless mothers with mouths to feed
For farmers surrendering to the rope and tree
For fearful souls who are forced to flee.

Bleeding hearts cannot reach out

To the bridged woman who sows during drought
To the scarred street fighter whose wounds do not show
To the Dalit girl whose eyes keep low.

Bleeding hearts will struggle to hear

The sound of a beggar’s falling tear
A girl’s silent screams as she is torn in the night
A grandmother’s despair as she loses her sight.

Why bleed when hearts can beat to free
These captive souls of humanity?

So that many beats become one sound

Begetting hope from below the ground.


2 thoughts on “Beat Not Bleed

  1. Well it always starts with the bleeding. Especially if the current pace of beating is not good enough – you want it to bleed. But like you say, not bleed forever and not stop at just bleeding … to take it a step beyond and change the pace of beating overall. Beautiful!

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