Crumbling My Built-In Structures

Been a month in the land of mountains…everything looks mesmerized. Fantasized version always covers the mind when the beauty is so hypnotizing. My mind goes back to the days the built-in structure of daydreams, yearning, and ardors and yeah! Perceptions ruled. Well, till now these words are just the words I thought I knew, understood and lived … but for all that matters; I seriously don’t know anyone of them (ignoring the dictionary part). The built-in structures of thoughts in my mind are juggling between do I really want to know them or just let them go.

A month journey has finally got me to write my 3rd word document to be called a blog. The bundle of mixed feelings include lots of experience, lots of learning, lots of drama, lots of whatsapping, lots of traveling, lots of trekking and lots of confusion. When saying everything to be “Lots of”, each deed has its own effects on me and now a larger picture is what builds in mind. Coming to a rural office I felt it will be lot more “RURAL”, the work place will be more or less total mess, the folks will be just not so organized, what can you ever expect more in place where it is in the middle of a forest…but all these built-in stereotype version was broken and I was surprised to see how much they are advanced and I did name them “Rural MNC”, technology and the work of the people who wanted to bring the difference in the life of village folks is really recommendable and the efforts are visible. Why I m naming it a MNC? Then here is the thing – in the middle of the woods taking a leap of setting up a place where the youngsters who never have dreamt other than army and farming now walk around with an ID Card and are really systematic, disciplined and hardworking towards the new dreams and new era, the never ending excel sheets of work, the unlimited Wi-Fi, the extraordinary power supply backup, the 8 to 5 work culture, the house turned office with huge number of computer installations and team work charts hanging around the walls, some memories reminding the deadlines and deliverables … is this not a typical MNC frame? It’s just that missing of huge tech parks, Bangalore Volvo buses, a lot more depressed faces and formally dressed software engineers, the huge food bay coffee shops and pizza outlets, the AC seating and the board rooms with the huge projectors and yeah!! Unlimited coffee at pantry with all hippie graffiti on the wall.

The foundation was already laid to build the house called perceptions, I already had decided on certain things and drawn a picture about each one of them and framed and laminated it so tightly that it took the real experience to break the frame and realize I was wrong. A number of TED talks, a number of motivational speeches, a number of articles on social media platforms and a lot of books on how to break the typecast version of oneself on anything exist. But at the end of it we all are human beings designed to think in that stereotype manner at situations unknowingly.

Smashing my built-in structures took a lot of time to figure it out…until and unless it took me nowhere but left in the middle of nothing…So, My friend find your built-in structure today…crumble it bad and let go off the perceptions and walk to the glory of being that baggage freed!!!


2 thoughts on “Crumbling My Built-In Structures

  1. other way of looking
    u crumble your previous perceptions.. ur rural mnc builds itself on the basis of bangalore mnc..eventually u start seeing things advance to bangalore model/lifestyle and old perceptions take root there too..go more deeper into the mountains where now someone else sets up a mountain mnc now…crumble your perceptions…cycle continues :p 😀

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