One complete month, I have done entirety I might have in this period; tried getting a picture of my work here, visiting places, my field areas – Khed, Ambegoan, Junnar; Vigyan Ashram (a school/institution which gives training in almost every field; agriculture, basic electrical, food hygiene, etc. to children, young people, open for everyone who are eager to learn, with an aim to make them entrepreneurs for tomorrow); Malin – where land slide happened; banks and various stores in Pune city. Also I have jogged, cycled, walked, played across Rajgurunagar, found my own place – the cheapest one in the adjacent village Chandoli.

Now I was getting the sense of what I can do, or rather how I can deliver through my knowledge or understanding towards my assigned goals, I was trying my best to keep all the work going on, but after a firm few days there came satiety. Unexpectedly, all was seeming mundane; seek for progressive demands, keeping track of the stocks, arrangement for more supplies, visiting the federations to keep a check and those monthly reports to be collected-made-submitted. I became sluggish on my work. Suddenly there was a lot of pending work to be finished; it all appeared like a burden.

But not for long – one day I met my mentor and senior here; she started asking about the things that were supposed to be done, I was blank, nearly 60% of the work was incomplete; this made me realize my biggest flaw – LOOSING ATTENTIVENESS; be it the drawing lessons which I started when I was in my 4th grade and left after 3 months, or my drums lessons which continued for 2 months; there was absence of commitment when I don’t see swift outcomes. But then I am thankful that I have comprehended it and am prepared to address it with confidence and belief in whatever I will do.

I progressed in my work, and it felt great, I am again in my work mode but still there was a lack of connection in what I was doing; personally I feel, if I need to give my 100% to something I need to be attached to my work through. Again to my liberation; I had a meeting with Athawale Sir, who is a senior consultant and a very renowned and well-informed person in building and running Producer Companies and as my project is around it, I was asked to see him and learn from his wisdom. Well his way of explanation and going about from scratch, the method to be followed made it crystal clear, I could sense his experience speaking, and I tried taking down each of his words for my further reference.

Practices like SRI for rice cultivation, usage of urea briquettes for giving more nourishment to plants, use of green manuring techniques for capturing more natural nitrogen and many more … and all these well-known to government nevertheless which on other hands are busy giving grants to our farmers and trying running on it. When we have a sustainable and real solution to many of the glitches farmers face today why we are only safeguarding or pretending to secure their today? Well this is the question I am left with and perhaps my missing dots or links on what I was doing; I will now continue my effort with a new level of understanding and attitude. I might have not understood how the administration works or how their strategies are designed for the agriculturalists and my intelligent now may appear incorrect to a certain mass, but according to me it is just a modest common implement which will simply treasure and not harm in any manner.

And yes, update from the last post, there are a lot of rains now, GUESS THE PRAYS WERE HEEDED … 😉 Well there is somebody listening to us always, isn’t it?


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