Give Time, Just An Infatuation

I’m in love with these experiences which just happen unexpectedly. I happened to meet the president of an organization named SPRAT. His motivation, accomplishments, crazy new ideas, nice personality and what not. There were many things about him I could keep on telling. Coming to the discussion with Mr Hasan, it mainly centered on science, rationality, and religion. These following words really caught my attention – ‘Religion is yesterday’s science and science is tomorrow’s religion’. He was not against religion but was against irrational practices in the name of it. To add one more snippet of what he said, ‘religion was great and served mankind immensely but it also has served its time.’ Religion represents acceptance. The need now is to question using rational thinking and science provides a base for such rational thinking. I shall stop commenting on that discussion right here, otherwise, this is again going to be a long post.

Similarly I happened to meet a girl doing her product designing course from NID. And so that’s how my maiden visit to NID happened. It just aroused so many emotions in me that I could not wait to share it to someone and so the result being a voice message to the India Fellow group. I am not talking about the girl. This was about the whole atmosphere I was seeing inside the campus. Lively classrooms, lots of spaces wherein you feel like you can just spend rest of the time sitting, people studying here and there, some hanging out, a few with their laptops in the library, cool culture, and everyone modern fashionable. This was nuts for me. I thought what the hell was I doing working in a NGO when I should be in college and among them. My presence in colleges continues …

I went to visit Amdavad ni Gufa with little knowledge that it was located inside CEPT campus, another beautiful campus with its brick buildings (exterior look) and greenery. I reached my destination a bit too early before its openings hours. I met three students engaged in making a model out of zips and thread, who directed me to various places that I should not miss seeing in their campus. I would go in one direction, visit and come back to the place where these three were sitting, every 40-45 minutes. Every time there were exclamations and expressions but not enough words which I was sharing with them. Was getting overwhelmed by all this college atmosphere and student life. Just like at NID, some students exchanged their contact numbers with me seeing my excitement. But only I knew, behind all this outside excitement there was inside feeling like – why the hell was I not there among them and working in a NGO.

There are nice things which I saw in the campus and should be sharing but again, the post will become too long. So it was 4 pm and sitting there at Gufa I was having one of the best cocktails ever. This one was made of 70% trees, 60% Zen café, and 80% the outside visual of Gufa. I know the cumulative is more than 100% but what do I do, I was high. NID has shaken me and left me dry. CEPT was doing the same, but somehow owing to more time I was spending there or because of sitting peacefully at Zen café, I was coming to my senses.

So what sense am I talking about? I was getting infatuated and pulled by the college life. But I have been there and done those things. It was great but at the end of the day, there in college you would have to study a specific course within a given time frame and that time frame is further decorated with various intermediary deadlines. There is a rigid structure, and all the club activities or other intermittent college events are there just to keep you sane. Here I am in an NGO with everyone understanding I am here to watch, learn and also in the process get a chance to put forward my ideas for some serious real life situations. There is a scope to slightly dabble within organization itself, perks of being a fellow. Opportunity to explore my heart out and sometimes get a feeling why only 1 year!

Now the NGO life seems exhilarating thinking of the various things I get to try and the room it provides me to change an otherwise mundane future.

So kids, the moral of the story is – Many infatuations happen. Alright to get swayed but don’t brood over them forgetting everything else. Make the most of what you took up and probably won’t even find time for these infatuations.

I also met B.V.Doshi, the architect of Amdavad ni Gufa, when I went to visit Sarkhej Roza the very next day of admiring his architecture. It was quite funny that instead of me praising him, he was appreciating me for doing such a fellowship and working in an NGO. It is still 8:30 in the morning, and India Fellow people I think you know what is coming :D. Good morning mere sharma, polite swetha, helpful upma, balanced nishant, fiery jaoog, cute konkii, contradictory lucky, aree online education arroora, refreshingly nice anu, adventurous rohyni, policy making mohit, swashbuckling jan, promising aarthi, happy birthday shanbag, always fighting Shankar and chaitu!


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