Dissension of Goals

It’s just been a few days that I came to Chennai, a city which is completely alien to me and my culture. A place which makes me really struggle three times a day i.e. breakfast–rice, lunch-rice and dinner-rice. Yes, all what I am eating is rice. Leaving this “rice tragedy” apart, now I am part of this new system. But then before going any further what is a system?
To my sense a typical system is made up of people for making something done. And now I am part of this typical system made up of people of all sorts. I am the system now. But just a few months back I was on the other side. Accusing the system for its failure to bring about what it should. But now being in a system made me really think why does systems fail? What is the root cause?
Is it money? Is it mismanagement or some logistic reasons? Though these reasons do count but there is one single reason that often leads to the failure of the system And then I came up with something called “Dissension of Goals”. A system is formed by people. Those people carrying different goals and aspiration in their heads. But a system has its own goal. And here comes the dissension of goals. A difference or clash between the goals of the system and the people of the system. But this is not the real problem. There is no perfect system in which there is no difference in goals. There will always be some kind of difference. But this dissension often leads to the problem when there is no one to correct. And I think this is what is happening to most of the failing systems, especially in our own country.
Considering the education system in India, why is it really not working? The answer I believe is in the dissension of the goals. Everyone in the education system has their own goals. If the system is not achieving what it should, people don’t care; they have their own life and goals.
Even if the system is obsolete and no more moving in the direction of its goals, we will not care. They will still try to maintain the obsolete system because that’s their job. Maintaining the system rather than maintaining the system’s goal. By saying all this I don’t really mean that they are not efficient workers. They are really good in what they are doing. But the system itself is not moving in the direction of its goal and no one wants to correct it.
This dissension often leads to the failure of the system. Now at the end I would really like to add up and ask you all a question.
Do you really work for the goal of the system you are part of or you are just maintaining the system?


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