Heart! … Curved Like A Road Through A Mountain

The first word of the title makes you skip a beat. The Heart!!! Do I love you or do you love me? That sounds more like a tag line from a romantic book but it’s my copyrighted version. After all love can be anything or anyone, at first sight or at last sight, by chance or by wish. Oh Wait!!! even google have its answers which you can consider for your convenience or you can define one for yourself. Half of my life I have only searched answer to one question – “What do I love?” and the answer is I don’t know. But when I started my quest to find one I found too many. Oh yes!!! Sometimes it’s epic.

Train stops and I just got up from my deep sleep. The view from railway station looked so marvelous, half of the mountain ranges were covered by fog and the other side was just clearing. I was surprised to find a south Indian restaurant; actually my soul was happier to satisfy my taste buds which were on cribbing mode – missing south Indian food for long. The journey began with me taking unlimited photos on mobile until my mobile had a pop up 4% battery remaining. The next was my instinct of looking through the roads which made me feel how the NH roads I always travelled distances were now changing to the sharp curvy roads which had their own groove. Each curve taken had its wow moments! Each time the curve got me a picture captured which appeared to be a portrayal by an artist. The more I saw them the more I said beautiful! Heard mountains are beauties but never knew they are beauties with perfection. No more efforts were needed to impress me because I had already fallen in love with their impeccable beauty.

In love my heartfelt unconditional to be at the moment but mind was more in the version of thought to tell me you could have got a DSLR to capture this , but just a thought away the mind version was ignored and the real me was just back in capturing the perfect beauty in my natural camera called “EYE”. At each curve there were unanswered questions arising, each question had its own uncertainty like why it is always we tend to see the nature to be our primitive even when we are born and brought up in urban? Why it is always we feel home in woods even away from our homes? Why we always feel like connecting the dots to the time we lived before? Why suddenly living at the moment become so important when all the manipulations we ever did never count? Why being humble and serenity become the sole reason to live a fulfilled life? Well the answer is just that we all are designed to be simple but we mess it up to be complex and start juggling between the two and end up nowhere ……..Just in time my eye blinked and I dragged my thoughts back by looking at reaching my destination where the scenery of mist casing the mountains which are dipping in the solitude of being at its best had just begun.

“There are times you can’t really see or even feel how sweet life can be. Hopefully its mountains will be higher than its valleys are deep. I know things that are broken can be fixed. Take the punch if you have to, hit the canvas and then get up again. Life is worth it.”
-Queen Latifah


6 thoughts on “Heart! … Curved Like A Road Through A Mountain

  1. The quote is so apt to what you’ve written and the questions are very deep. You are right though we come from the cities we all long to be closer to the mountains 🙂


  2. The uttarakhand you’ve written about, I can picture it and it seems beautiful. I can’t begin to imagine how much more awed I’ll be when I actually see it. All that talk of misty mountains makes me homesick though…


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