Falling In Love …

From the boat ride at Lake Pichola to the serene view at Nehru Park,
From Dal Bhaati, Churma to the mouthwatering Ghewar,
From the magnificently lit city palace to late night dinners at Ghangaurghat,
From failed attempts at floating and skipping stones in Badi Lake to delicious handpicked Jamuns,
From walking up to Nimajmata to running 3 kms back to Krushi Vigyan Kendra,
From evening chaats to long chats over chai,
From finding treasures to giving happiness hugs,
From saying mushy goodbyes to my fellow family to greeting hellos to new colleagues,
From feeling lonely to finding company,
From staying in a guest house to crashing uninvited at a friend’s place,
From amazing scooty rides to reminiscing about my loved ones at Sahelio Ki Badi,
From yummy Pav Bhaaji to 5 flavoured Pani Batashe,
This city has so much to offer; my love for the Lake City is growing with each passing day…



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