PUNE! Need I say more?

The deadline of the blog post is round the corner and here I am still wondering what to write about. Everyone seems to have a lot to share but I on the other hand haven’t got much. I thought maybe if I visit the field once I’d be able to write about my experience there but that field visit hasn’t happened yet nor anything exciting is going on at the work front except for one thing. As soon as I stepped into the office, all anxious as to how I would introduce myself and stuff like that a lady recognized me (god knows how) and said she wanted my details as I was being sent to Chattisgarh on an assignment and had to book my train ticket. What a start!

So let me now tell you my journey to Pune from Udaipur after the training and how I reached my organization.

Each one of us was sad that we had to part after the 15 days together. It was an emotional parting. The hugs and promises to keep in touch with each other … I along with another co-fellow boarded our bus early in the morning to Ahmedabad. The journey was uneventful. I’ll spare you the details. After reaching Ahmedabad, I wanted to visit the Gandhi Ashram as I had a few hours before I boarded the train and my co-fellow agreed to join. The Ashram on the banks of the river Sabarmati was a peaceful place.

It was time for me to board the train again, I bid goodbye to my co-fellow and got in. I got stuck with a loud Gujju family (no offense). It was one noisy journey. The constant blabber and loud laughter left me cranked up. Well, the journey did come to an end, thankfully like any other journey.

I had a free weekend before I joined my organization. So, I decided to watch a movie at the theater. To those of you who are into movies, I watched ‘Bobby Jasoos,’ Vidya Balan’s new movie. It was shot mostly in Hyderabad, which made me miss home very badly. Vidya made a lot of effort to put up with the Hyderabadi dialect. Overall she made a nice effort. The movie is a little boring especially towards the end. But the critics and reviews in the newspaper have a different story to tell. Check them up if you want to.

Well, so after the movie I started house hunting. Over the next 2 days I did that. Later I realized that it was a waste of time, you shall know why pretty soon. On Sunday I finally got to meet two other co-fellows who have been placed in a village near Pune. I know it has been only 2 days since we last saw each other, but we were all missing each other like crazy. Thanks to whatsapp we are in touch. Pune as a city I feel is a wonderful place. The IT culture is very prominent in the new parts of the city but its heritage is intact in the old. The cantonment area, the greenery around and the lakes which flow in the middle of the city, the night life, you get the flow right. Do visit it if you haven’t.

Monday arrived and so my date of joining too, I was asked to come post lunch to the office. It’s a nice place with bamboo fencing, stones, trees and kittens. Especially those cute little kittens, they keep roaming in and out freely. Thanks to my organization people that I could find myself a home right behind my office. It’s a single room but that’s more than enough for me. It was a dump when I first went and the owners were skeptical if I would take it. But I readily agreed to take the place without a second thought. Nice people, they’ve started renovating the room just so that I can live in there and call it my home for the coming year. I just can’t wait to move in.


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