Swades Moment

The path was set, 12th boards were about to crack my life with the shocking numbers called results. Just those gigantic medical and engineering entrance books which had only formulas and pictures of these large specs framed aliens called toppers. The expectation by all was like a pressure cooker and the way out was a movie. Most of the walls in market and city read “SWADES”, the poster was more than enough to do magic on me to buy a CD of it. Well, the movie was worth a watch for being mainstream one but as usual with dramatic bollywood skills then and there. The movie never mattered me more than some incredible tracks and the kind of stereotype Indian movie endings until yesterday when the encounter was real. The reality and fantasy never make a good pair had heard somewhere and it was a big truth. The urge to question was more and they sounded like, Do this movie was made to be a revolution? Or is it good for people to stick to their roots serve the up-liftment of their county? And the answer was a big mammoth “YES”, the moment which echoed it’s not “I the people” but its “WE the people”.

When sitting in ac room and checking the envying pictures on Facebook of most of the people who I think why they exist in my list of friends and still do not minding to like the pictures I could never imagine there is another world out there where people store water for months in a well with tadpoles in it and still happy filtering with a muslin cloth. Clicking on flipkart and ordering a book and down the lane stacking up to stock room and feeding cockroaches with the unlimited meal there are kids who do not have teacher to teach and books to read. When spending big bucks for the makeup, there is a woman who is so beautiful that who covers her face just for the heck of stereotype culture. The one cup elachi tea tasted more delicious than the star bucks café mocha. The unconditional love of Chilvar Singh uncle to get us water often was like finding a family in the mid of the dried lands.

The ray of hope to see do we really get a help from the bunch of 19 people was so evident. The echo of frustrated dried hopes, the saddened giving up attitude towards the government applications failed was so evident in each word they uttered. No water, No gas, No education, no electricity, no farming obviously no money so what are they supposed to do? Is it like “no” is the new word connected more? Disappointment was just so clear in each conversation to continue on. Each conversation made me feel blessed and thankful for life I have.

Finally, the more I think the more I have reasons to question them and the typing continues but as of one whole day experience to get into “Swades moment” I believe it was the journey to the inconceivable truth that. “Is it being individually successful is important or driving together and sticking to the roots and do a impact for the lives which have the hopes from you matters?”


4 thoughts on “Swades Moment

  1. Following your heart taking you to Swadesh moment; the moment of freedom; the moment of your calling. Beautifully written reality! Keep going..


  2. You have discovered the secret of true happiness- concerning yourself with the welfare of others. Never mind your own interests, how’s the next fellow getting along? That kind of attitude and the exact word for this is “ALTRUISM”. Good to see that your program had good takeoff and with some intense tasks. This is a very matured article. Fantastic, keep it up and keep doing this. I always appreciate your work.


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